New Cutting Edge Elementary

Make simple sentences and reply to questions on a range of personal and common subjects.Talk about your likes and dislikes, family, and routines.

New Cutting Edge Pre-intermediate

Talk about many subjects and give your opinion on them. Talk with confidence in the present, past and future simple tenses. perform tasks such as shopping, booking a hotel room, travel, and making conversation.

New Cutting Edge Intermediate

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New Cutting Edge Upper-intermediate

Talk almost fluently and completely accurately.Take part in extended conversations or discussions.Your vocabulary covers almost every circumstance. You have a knowledge of some idiomatic English, phrasal verbs, and colloquial expressions.

New Cutting Edge Advanced

Your spoken English is both fluent and accurate. Your vocabulary is wide and you have a good knowledge of phrasal verbs, expressions and idioms. All common areas of grammar are familiar to you. Study on any degree at an English-speaking university

The Official Guide to the TOEFL iBT, Third Edition

Practice Speaking, Reading , Writing and Listening. Plenty of practice tests that simulates the TOEFL IBT. A great tool to prepare for your TOEFL test.